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James Wolfgang Kuntz

James is seasoned luminary in the realm of high-management sales, James Wolfgang Kuntz brings over 8 years of dynamic experience to the fore. Having excelled as VP Sales, Director of Business Development, and Director of Investment Management Services, his illustrious journey also includes a notable role as a Climate Project Backer. This exceptional trajectory led him to his current role as Chief Sales Officer at Big West Building Services.

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James's boundless motivation sets him apart, as he tirelessly navigates the 24/7 demands of the industry, remaining undaunted by challenges. His unmatched performance and record-breaking deal closures have etched him into the annals of sales excellence.

As a strategic visionary, James's leadership is marked by his ability to forge transformative pathways. His unmatched track record attests to his relentless commitment to driving sales growth and expanding horizons.

James Wolfgang Kuntz's relentless work ethic, coupled with his remarkable sales acumen, elevates him to a league of his own within Big West. His indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication continue to set the bar high, making him an inspiring figure in the world of sales and business development.


James seamlessly interweaves his professional prowess with a rich personal life. With a distinguished career spanning various high-management roles, James brings a wealth of experience and innovative strategies to his leadership position, propelling Big West's sales efforts to unprecedented heights.

Yet, it's in the great outdoors where James's spirit truly comes alive. An ardent hunter, he combines the strategic thinking that fuels his sales success with the art of patience and precision. In the same way he navigates complex business landscapes, James navigates the wild with calculated moves, demonstrating his commitment to achieving objectives with tact and skill. His hunting pursuits not only reflect his unwavering focus but also showcase his ability to strategize and adapt, crucial traits that echo in his approach to sales and business development.


In the midst of his dynamic journey, James finds unwavering companionship and support in his wife, Gracie Kuntz. Their shared experiences and aspirations mirror James's approach to forging meaningful relationships, be it in the realm of business or in personal spheres. This shared journey enriches his perspective and fuels his strategic vision.

Beyond the office and the waters, James is also a devoted husband and a proud owner of two canine companions. His love for his furry friends mirrors his loyalty in relationships, be it in business or personal life. His multifaceted passions, including fishing, resonate with his multifaceted approach to leadership—where ambition and determination are harmoniously balanced with poise and adaptability.

​​James Wolfgang Kuntz stands as the dynamic embodiment of Big West Building Services' ethos—where dedication, innovation, and a zest for life converge. With a distinguished career driving sales excellence, coupled with an adventurous spirit for hunting, fishing, and travel, James's magnetic energy and strategic mindset infuse every facet of his journey. His partnership with Gracie Kuntz, his commitment to his canine companions, and his pursuit of both professional milestones and personal passions reflect the unique harmony that defines his dynamic leadership within the company.


Keen to connect with James and explore the innovative world of Big West Building Services? Reach out to start a conversation that merges strategic insights, shared passions, and transformative opportunities.

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