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Miriam Blazier

Miriam Blazier, Director of Administration, is an integral pillar of Big West Building Services, steering the ship with her remarkable administrative prowess. As an accomplished realtor, she seamlessly balances the intricacies of real estate with the multifaceted demands of our operations. Her role as a mother to four children—speaks volumes about her ability to harmonize the challenges of both professional and personal spheres.

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With a passion for people that transcends boundaries, Miriam's commitment to fostering the best possible experiences is at the heart of her work. Her innate drive to help clients from all walks of life resonates deeply, shaping her approach to both administration and real estate.

Miriam's role as a bridge between operational intricacies and client satisfaction underscores her multifaceted impact. Her unwavering commitment ensures that every facet of Big West's operations and client interactions are guided by a genuine desire to provide the utmost quality.

In Miriam Blazier, Big West Building Services is fortified by a Director of Administration whose profound commitment to clients, coupled with administrative finesse, paints a vivid portrait of an individual who is not only driving operational efficiency but also enhancing lives through her dedication to exceptional experiences.

Yet, Miriam's impact goes far deeper. As a trauma coach, she stands as a beacon of support and healing for those navigating the path of personal transformation. Her empathetic approach and keen insights offer individuals a safe space to explore, heal, and discover their inner strength. Her unique skill set extends beyond the typical administrative and real estate realms, enriching the lives of those who seek guidance.

Miriam's commitment to healing and empowerment has led her to launch a podcast and write a book, both dedicated to her profound expertise in providing spiritual guidance, trauma coaching, and human design readings. Through these platforms, she invites individuals to embark on a journey of self-discovery, guided by her wisdom and compassionate heart. Miriam's ability to connect on a deep level and offer practical tools for healing sets her apart as a transformative figure in the lives of many.

Miriam Blazier's unwavering commitment to helping others is a guiding force that permeates every facet of her journey. As an integral member of Big West Building Services, her dedication goes beyond administrative excellence and real estate finesse. It's her role as a trauma coach and her passion for empowering individuals that truly sets her apart.

Miriam Blazier's profound influence at Big West Building Services is a testament to her unique ability to seamlessly blend administrative prowess, real estate finesse, and a deep commitment to helping others. As a trauma coach, she offers a transformative touch that resonates with those in search of healing and personal growth. Her journey, highlighted by a podcast and book centered around spiritual guidance, trauma coaching, and human design readings, is a testament to her boundless compassion and dedication to making a meaningful impact. Miriam's multifaceted role within our team embodies the very essence of Big West's ethos—where excellence, empathy, and empowerment converge to create a truly exceptional individual.

Miriam's innate ability to connect on a deep level, coupled with her empathetic approach, creates a safe haven for those seeking healing and transformation. This drive to make a positive impact is the catalyst behind her podcast and book endeavors, where she extends her expertise in spiritual guidance, trauma coaching, and human design readings to a wider audience. Miriam's remarkable capacity to uplift, heal, and inspire reflects her core essence—a beacon of compassion and empowerment that shapes not only her professional journey but also the lives she touches.


Want to learn more about Big West Building Services and our commitment to excellence? Reach out to Miriam and start a conversation that delves into our dynamic operations, innovative real estate ventures, and the transformative impact we're making.

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