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Ben Bowles

With over 11 years of experience in civil engineering and a profound dedication to building science, Ben Bowles has consistently driven innovation and excellence in the construction and building services industry. As the visionary founder of Big West Building Services, he has successfully steered the company's trajectory towards becoming a prominent name in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

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Ben's expertise as a Civil Engineer, coupled with his extensive background as a Building Science Consultant, has made him a sought-after authority in the field. His leadership has propelled Big West to attain IICRC certification, EPA Lead Safe certification, and HAAG certification, affirming the company's commitment to industry standards and environmental responsibility.

As a Building Science Engineer and a Certified WUFI Operator, Ben possesses a unique skill set that allows him to analyze complex structural interactions, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency in every project. His proficiency as a Professional Roofing Consultant further underscores his dedication to delivering top-tier solutions.

Under Ben's guidance as President and CEO, Big West Building Services has not only maintained its position as an industry leader but has also consistently exceeded client expectations. His strategic vision, combined with his technical prowess, continues to drive the company's growth and success, solidifying Big West's reputation as a trusted partner for comprehensive building services in the region.

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Beyond his exceptional leadership, Ben's life unfolds as a canvas of diverse passions that reflect his boundless spirit. A devoted bodybuilder and fitness enthusiast, he brings the same rigor and discipline to his physical pursuits as he does to the challenges of the business world. His commitment to bodybuilding underscores his unwavering determination, demonstrating that achieving personal goals mirrors his approach to achieving professional milestones—both demand focus, dedication, and a relentless drive.

Ben's life story is punctuated by an exhilarating passion: racing. A dedicated racer, he ignites the tracks with the same fervor and precision that he brings to the business landscape. His commitment to racing is a testament to his fearless spirit and unwavering dedication—qualities that also define his strategic approach in the boardroom. Every race he conquers mirrors his drive to overcome challenges and reach the finish line, be it in professional or personal pursuits.


In the multifaceted journey of Ben Bowles, the visionary founder, President, and CEO of Big West Building Services, leadership prowess harmonizes seamlessly with a dynamic array of passions. From his unmatched experience in civil engineering to his relentless pursuit of racing excellence, Ben personifies a holistic approach to life and business. His commitment to strategic innovation, coupled with his fervor for racing and dedication to holistic well-being, radiates through every facet of his journey. As he propels Big West toward a future defined by excellence, Ben's indomitable spirit and transformative vision continue to leave an indelible mark on both his company and the world around him.

In addition to his fervor for racing, Ben is a devoted bodybuilder and fitness advocate, investing time and discipline to sculpt his physique and mirror the same discipline he applies to his career. This dedication to holistic well-being underscores his commitment to living life to its fullest, whether through professional achievements, thrilling races, or physical transformation.


Together with his partner in life and business, Maureen Karth, they epitomize unity, shared aspirations, and a life lived boldly. Ben's journey at Big West reflects the unique synergy of a visionary leader who seamlessly integrates his passion for racing, commitment to fitness, and dedication to innovation—a potent combination that propels Big West toward a future defined by unwavering excellence.



Ready to connect with Ben and explore the visionary world of Big West Building Services? Reach out to start a conversation that combines innovation, leadership, and a shared drive for excellence.

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