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Maureen Karth

Maureen Karth, the Director of Operations and Solar Operations at Big West Building Services, is a remarkable force of innovation and compassion. With a stellar track record spanning six years, Maureen is not only a powerhouse in orchestrating seamless operations but also a woman of diverse interests that color her vibrant personality. Behind her strategic prowess lies a genuine love for helping people from all walks of life. Whether it's devising operational strategies or connecting with clients, Maureen's unwavering dedication to enhancing the human experience shines through.

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Maureen's distinctive role as the Director of Solar Operations and Business Development reflects her resolute commitment to innovation and sustainable practices. What sets her apart is her profound motivation—driven by an innate desire to make a positive impact and uplift others.

Infused with an extraordinary diligence, Maureen's unflagging work ethic is matched only by her affability. Her welcoming demeanor further magnifies her contributions, positioning her as not merely a stalwart leader, but also a cherished colleague who radiates congeniality.

Fueled by a profound aspiration to help others, Maureen Karth is steering Big West Building Services towards unparalleled achievements. Here, operational excellence converges with altruism, forging a path where innovation and compassionate service flourish hand in hand. But Maureen is far from being confined to the boardroom. Beyond her role at Big West, she's a woman of many dimensions.


At the core of her personal life are her five cherished canine companions, each embodying her nurturing spirit and dedication to fostering warmth and connection in every aspect of her life. This profound love for her dogs is mirrored in her unwavering commitment to helping others, which shapes her daily interactions and enriches the lives of those around her.

Amidst her pursuits, Maureen finds exhilaration behind the wheel of her distinctive Corvette, emblematic of her fearless and adventurous nature. Just as she skillfully maneuvers the complexities of the business landscape, she adeptly navigates life's open roads, embracing new challenges and experiences with a spirit that matches the revving engine of her sleek ride.



Among her diverse passions, 'Story Behind the Muscle' stands out as a testament to Maureen's approach to health and well-being. This fitness brand, curated with her trademark dedication and care, delves beyond physical transformations, focusing on the journeys, struggles, and motivations that drive individuals to pursue a healthier lifestyle.

Just as Maureen is committed to fostering operational excellence, she is equally devoted to empowering people through 'Story Behind the Muscle,' embodying her vision of wellness as a multidimensional endeavor. 

With her multifaceted personality, dedication to helping others, and dynamic spirit, Maureen Karth embodies the essence of Big West Building Services—a company driven by passion, excellence, and the commitment to creating a positive impact."

From fostering operational efficiency to empowering individuals through 'Story Behind the Muscle,' Maureen's dedication knows no bounds. Her vibrant personality, love for her canine companions, fearless adventures in her Corvette, and her partnership with Ben Bowles all combine to paint a portrait of a woman who not only excels professionally but also enriches lives with her boundless energy and compassion. In Maureen, Big West has found a true luminary, a bridge between operational acumen and heartfelt connections, reflecting the essence of the company's ethos.



Want to connect with Maureen and explore the dynamic world of Big West Building Services? Reach out and let's start a conversation that blends innovation, wellness, and transformative experiences.

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