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Big West is driven to making a difference in our community and helping others pick up the pieces after experiencing a loss. Big West has built a reputation for creating mind-blowing property transformations –– renovating the past, reconstructing the present, and building the future.

At Big West, we treat our customers like family and want to make the process for homeowners a little easier. We believe that everyone deserves straight forward results and the respect that we would give our very own family members in their times of need. 

Big West is made up of hardworking,

professional, experienced and dedicated

individuals that are committed to helping you.


Whether that be commercial construction, residential roofing, water and hail damage, or a total home makeover. We have your back for all your BIG project needs!


Our Process

Our Quality Guarantee

Our process is customer-centric and places emphasis on quality materials, qualified experts and ample communication between our offices and your family. Construction is a huge entity – but we are brining things back to the people – making it easier for you and yours to navigate and get the most out of every build!

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